Access Control in Long-Term Care Homes

Access Control in Long-Term Care Home Services

In an era where health and safety concerns are paramount, Long-Term Care (LTC) homes face unique challenges in ensuring the well-being of residents and staff.
Edmond Protection and Consulting (EPC) understands the importance of robust Access Control measures, especially during outbreaks like COVID-19. In this section, we explore how our Access Control services enhance safety, mitigate risks, and offer peace of mind to LTC homes.

Our Services

Health Screening: EPC’s Access Control services include health screening protocols. Our trained personnel conduct health assessments of all individuals entering the LTC facility. This proactive approach helps identify potential carriers of infectious diseases and prevents their entry, reducing the risk of outbreaks.

Temperature Checks: We utilize non-invasive temperature screening to identify individuals with elevated body temperatures. This is a crucial early warning sign, as fever can be a symptom of various infections, including COVID-19.

Visitor Screening: EPC guards oversee the visitor check-in process. They ensure that visitors adhere to health and safety guidelines, including wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitizing their hands. This meticulous screening helps create a safer environment within the LTC home.

Visitor Records: Our personnel maintain detailed records of visitors, including contact information and the purpose of their visit. This documentation is valuable for contact tracing in case of an outbreak.

Credential Verification: EPC assists LTC homes in verifying staff and vendor credentials. This includes confirming that staff members have completed required health assessments and are cleared for work. For vendors, we ensure compliance with health and safety protocols.

Continuous Surveillance: Our security personnel provide 24/7 surveillance of access points and common areas. They monitor for compliance with health and safety measures, including mask-wearing, social distancing, and hygiene practices.

Immediate Action: In the event of non-compliance or signs of potential infection, our guards take immediate action. This may include isolating individuals, notifying the LTC administration, and initiating appropriate response protocols.

Detailed Incident Reports: EPC maintains meticulous incident reports, documenting all health-related incidents and responses. These reports serve as crucial records for investigations, assessments, and reporting to regulatory bodies.

Tailored Solutions: We recognize that each LTC home may have unique health and safety requirements. EPC collaborates closely with LTC administrators to create customized Access Control plans that align with specific needs and priorities.

Regulatory Adherence: EPC ensures that all Access Control measures are in full compliance with local health regulations and guidelines. Our services help LTC homes meet and exceed regulatory requirements.

Enhanced Accountability: By having EPC security personnel oversee Access Control, accountability is reinforced. This ensures that all individuals entering the LTC facility follow established health and safety protocols.

EPC Security’s Access Control services play a pivotal role in safeguarding LTC homes during health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand the importance of stringent health screening, visitor management, and compliance monitoring. By partnering with EPC, LTC homes can bolster their infection control measures, reduce risks, and provide residents and staff with a safer environment. Elevate your Access Control standards and ensure peace of mind for all stakeholders in your Long-Term Care home with EPC Security.
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