Healthcare Sector

EPC understands the critical nature of healthcare security and is committed to delivering tailored solutions that prioritize the well-being and safety of patients, staff, and visitors.

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Services Offered

EPC offers dedicated 1:1 companion services to residents in long-term care homes. Our trained security agents provide personalized care, ensuring residents’ well-being and security.

EPC’s security personnel are trained to provide a safe and secure environment for patients, staff, and visitors in healthcare facilities. Our services include access control, incident response, and emergency preparedness to safeguard healthcare institutions.

During outbreaks like COVID-19, our agents can assist with outbreak control measures, including screening, swabbing, and access control to prevent the spread of infections within healthcare settings.

EPC provides swift alarm response services to healthcare facilities, addressing security breaches and alarm activations promptly to minimize disruptions and protect critical assets.

We offer fire watch services to healthcare institutions, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations and protecting patients and staff during fire alarm system outages.

EPC assists healthcare organizations in safeguarding valuable medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and sensitive patient data through asset management and protection services.

Our traffic control services ensure safe and organized traffic flow within healthcare premises, preventing congestion and accidents.

Enhance the patient and visitor experience with our concierge services, providing a welcoming and secure atmosphere in healthcare facilities.

EPC offers security consulting services to healthcare organizations, helping them assess risks, develop security strategies, and implement effective security measures.

Ensure efficient parking management in healthcare facilities with our parking enforcement services, preventing unauthorized parking and ensuring accessibility.

Our mobile patrols provide regular security checks and surveillance to maintain a secure environment within healthcare properties.

EPC offers on-demand security solutions for healthcare institutions facing sudden security challenges, emergencies, or events.

Protect healthcare facilities from theft and unauthorized access with our loss prevention services, reducing financial losses and preserving assets.

We implement access control systems in healthcare settings, allowing for controlled entry and exit, protecting sensitive areas, and ensuring patient confidentiality.

Our security guarding services maintain a visible security presence in healthcare facilities, deterring threats and responding to incidents.

EPC recognizes that industrial facilities require a range of security measures to safeguard their operations, assets, and personnel. Our dedication to delivering top-notch security services ensures that industrial clients can focus on their core activities with confidence in their security measures

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